Reasons to Buy Structured Settlment


Structured settlement payments offer flexibility for uncertain moments and changing circumstances.

The average person doesn’t know much about structured settlement payments. A short review of the dictionary explains the next definition: a structured settlement is simply a financial offer that allows a settlement to be paid in regular payment installments for either a set period of time or over a lifetime. Simply speaking, a structured settlement is an arrangement which is tailor created for the individual or payee by the payer or an interested third-party. Several structures contain instant payment to cover any kind of specific damages which may have happened or even will probably take place.

Benefits of a Structured Settlement

A structured settlement annuity provides a payment flow that’s tax-free for a determined time period. The majority of investment alternatives like stocks and bonds, real estate, savings accounts, and other alike vehicles just can’t correspond to the flexibility and safety of the structured settlement annuity.

There are numerous structured settlement companies and others that offer this service for a fee. In many cases the insurance firm or a different interested third-party makes the lump sum payment having a fee for expenses and interest deducted. It is very important to understand costs which you can easy calculate using structured settlement calculator and study the agreement carefully to make sure that you’re not signing away the majority of the payment.

As a possible structured settlement investment, an optional vehicle would be to buy structured settlement payments. You heard right, cash for structured settlement. For instance, Joe is granted a $500,000 settlement from the insurance provider for an auto accident he had been involved in. This company will pay the $500,000 over the following 10 years, $50,000 every year. On the other hand, Joe could be more satisfied if he could possibly only obtain $350,000 right now and enable someone else obtain the payments over the following 10 years. As an investor, you could potentially do that. Of course, however you would need to possess $350,000 in cash to purchase the payments.

I am not saying it’s an easy process to buy structured settlement payments. The procedure will involve lawyers, insurance companies, and judges, three things people often dislike. Even so, you will find companies that can assist you. They will help you find all the resources you need to make a profitable investment.

Only about 1% of structured settlements are sold or traded in the marketplace.

Definitely not many people sell their structured settlement annuity payments. In reality, 99% of people don’t sell structured settlement payments. The ones who decide to sell structured settlement payments usually do so mainly because their circumstances have changed, and they need the money for a certain reason (medical procedure, debt reduction, education, etc.). The cash is used as an escape valve, to help people decrease a few of life’s daily pressures to allow them to handle a problem or an opportunity.


As a society, we get divorced, despite the fact that we were not supposed to be parted until death; we re-finance 30 year mortgages decades before they come due; we invest in life insurance policies after which stop paying the premiums all in response to changes in our lives. So, it shouldn’t come like a surprise to anybody that recipients of structured settlement payments may be looking for someone to buy structured settlement from them in order to deal with life’s changes, challenges and opportunities.

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